CHRG Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia

Campaign benefit night.

07th December 2012

A Benefit Night for the Scottish Campaign for Human Rights in the Gambia is being held on Friday December 7th in Govanhill Baths - 99 Calder Street Govanhill G42 7RA.

Doors open at 7.45 pm and cost is 5 pounds waged and 2 pounds unwaged which can be paid at the door.

Featuring Sheboom, Eddie + Ninian, Willie Sinclair, Scratchy Noises and speakers from the campaign. There will also be a raffle.

International Day of Action.

20th July 2012

Rally and street stall for the international day of action for The Gambia. To be held at Donald Dewer's statue on Buchanan Street (next to the Royal Concert Hall steps and Buchanan Galleries). Come along to lend your support to the campaign and also to learn more from speakers from Amnesty International along with those from our campaign group and others.

Journalism is a Human Right.

29th March 2012

Following on from our successful evening at the CCA last year, we would like to invite you to an evening of Scottish and African culture and music to highlight human rights issues.

Held at the Afro-Caribbean Centre, 66-68 Osborne Street, Glasgow.

Gambia Campaign street stall.

04th February 2012

This Saturday, the 4th February, a Gambia Campaign stall will be at Donald Dewer's statue on Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Come along and learn more about the Campaign.

CHRG at Scottish Parliament

22nd February 2011

The Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia UK (CHRG in short) is hosting a stall at the public entrance of the Scottish Parliament Tuesday Febuary 22 from 12.30 to 13.30. The campaigners wish to give visitors further information on the reported catalogue of human rights abuses that are taking place in The Gambia as well as launching the campaigns news website. A petition will also be to available to calling on the UK government to pressure the Gambian authoritiesm to uphold its peoples basic rights and freedoms.

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